The Fuchs Group Is Here to Help You Make the Smart Investment

Why our keeping up with real estate trends and best financial practices benefits you

Keeping your ear to the ground is not just a turn of phrase for The Fuchs Group. If you are thinking about moving to (or within) Palm Beach, Broward, or Miami-Dade, you will want to partner with someone plugged into South Florida specifically and the national real estate market as a whole. Identifying trends and keeping tabs on important considerations after applying for a mortgage are just a couple of examples of why you can trust The Fuchs Group to offer the correct guidance on a real estate decision in 2021.

For instance, did you know that mortgage rates have fallen more than a full percentage point, hitting a new historic low 15 times? More importantly, do you know what sort of benefits that means for you?

For one, if you have gained equity in your current home, you can put that toward a down payment on one that better suits your needs, whether it involves upgrading or downsizing. These rates make the decision as to whether buying makes more sense than renting an easy one Now is the perfect time for either buying or refinancing, there is no question.

If you have been waiting since last year, you should call us today to see how you might benefit from the current rates.

Then, once you have found the right home and applied for a mortgage, The Fuchs Group has a few suggestions regarding financial decisions that can impact your home loan.

Things like not depositing cash into your accounts without speaking with your bank or lender. When they are trying to source your money, you will want to know the proper way to document your transactions. You will also want to avoid making large purchases, like a new car or lots of new furniture. When you introduce new obligations, you make new qualifications, and your debt-to-income ratio is impacted.

When you partner with The Fuchs Group, you will hear why co-signing for loans while going through the process is unadvised, and why changing bank accounts is such a questionable idea. Why applying for new credit impacts your FICO® score, which determines your interest rate, at least. And why closing credit accounts, while sounding like a good idea because it makes a borrower seems less risky, can actually negatively impact the length and depth of credit history considered when determining your credit score.

Inconsistencies in your income, assets, or credit can undermine a home loan, even after it has been approved. You will want to fully disclose all of it with your loan officer before you do anything financial in nature because, for us, it is not just about the volume of properties we sell. It is about putting the right clients in the right homes, as safely and securely as possible, for their long-term success…and ours.

If you are currently thinking of moving to Florida because the time is right, or if you live in the tri-county South Florida area and you want to take advantage of this incredible market, The Fuchs Group would be honored to help you plan. Call us today at 954-415-8263 and let us make the most of this unprecedented time in the market together!

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