Lion Country Safari: A Palm Beach County Favorite

Last week, I visited Lion Country Safari in Loxahatchee, and I'll just say that it feels so good to get in touch with nature after the COVID-19 pandemic. I know that Palm Beach County can seem very landscaped with it’s gorgeous palm trees and upscale downtown areas, but Lion Country Safari is a great place in the area if you want to see wildlife. 


You can see all kinds of African animals including lions (of course), giraffes, impala, zebras, gazelles and more. 

The preserve is separated into multiple habitats that mimic natural African habitats. My personal favorite is the Hwange National Park. It includes chimpanzees, giraffes and zebras. The zebras and other animals walk right up to your car, so you have to be sure to keep your windows closed and your doors locked! 

As I drove through the safari, you will be able to access a Soundcloud audio link that acts as your own personal safari guide. The guide will give a description of the animals as you drive through and also share some funny stories. The drive through safari is fairly COVID-19 safe since you’re in your car. 

The park is actively trying to rebuild the population of some nearly extinct populations and put them back into the wild. During my trip there, the guide said that the lion population has been cut in half due to deforestation and poaching, so I'm glad that the park is making an effort to help these animals.

An up close encounter I had during my visit last week. 


Lion Country Safari also offers an adventure park with rides, a water park, petting zoo, giraffe feeding and food and shopping. Some rides like the carousel are currently closed. 


If you would like to check out Lion Country Safari, now is the perfect time. The park is currently offering a summer pass for $59.99 that gives you unlimited visits to Lion Country Safari, Zoo Miami and Miami Seaquarium until August 31, 2021!

The world is opening back up again and work is getting busy, but sometimes little things like this can help refresh your mind!

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