How to Tackle Moving While Starting Your Home-Based Business

It is well known that location matters when you are running a business. However, many people don’t think of this as applying to home-based businesses. If you are starting a business and also moving homes, you have an opportunity to choose a home that will boost your chances of success.

The following are a few home characteristics that can support your personal and professional life, courtesy of The Fuchs Group.

Learn About Delegating
For some new business owners, one of the toughest challenges is learning when and how to delegate. Since you’re in the midst of a move — a notoriously stressful event — it’s time to get your feet wet. There are several professionals who can help you through this tough time so you can focus sufficiently on building your business.

Your first go-to is your real estate agent. Look to this pro to sift the wheat from the chaff for your house hunt, guide you through negotiations, and help you close the deal.

Next, consider hiring a professional organizer. As Flatrate Moving explains, the expertise these folks can provide can take a tremendous weight off your shoulders. They should be capable of tackling everything from arranging for moving vans to connecting your utilities, having one on your team is a smart decision.

If you don’t hire an organizer, your next best option is a full-service moving company. They can handle all the packing, loading, unloading, packing and unpacking, and even assembling and arranging your furniture. And throughout it all, don’t overlook the value in hiring other outside services, like a cleaning company after you move out or before you move in, pet sitters, nannies and so forth.

The Right Place
One of the most important ways that your new home can help you succeed is if it has the right workspace. If you are thinking about moving, chances are that your current home just doesn’t have the right space to support your home business.

Before going too far, weigh your various priorities and how they will fit into house hunting. Do you need a pole barn for production? Extra parking for delivery vans, clients or partners? What about separate entrances so both your customers and family members can have their privacy?

To find the right home with your dream office, start by sharing this information with your real estate agent. While something might pop out at you if you search the area, your agent has access to the information you might not, such as properties not currently listed but that might be available. What’s more, professional agents know how to look for potential in properties and might help you find a gem that you would otherwise overlook.

Budget Wisely
As you search for homes, keep in mind that you’ll need a budget that takes into account not only your normal living expenses but also whatever you plan to dedicate towards getting your business off the ground. This might include things like marketing (Nuphoriq recommends setting aside 2 to 5 percent of your projected sales revenue) as well as any improvements you plan to make to the new property.

On top of those expenses, you will have the costs of moving and any incidentals relating to the home purchase, such as closing costs and transferring utilities. Chances are good that with a budding business, your spare change is going towards building that dream. Sometimes buying a home “as-is” can be a good way to score a deal, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Make sure to consult with a lawyer and home inspector before jumping on a deal. Don’t forget to take advantage of help from a realtor for real estate market expertise.

Consider Nearby Colleges
Getting an advanced degree from a nearby university is a great way to set yourself up for lasting success (you can also complete courses online, of course). Education can open a lot of doors and give your business extra credentials. For example, if you are working in computers, you might sign up for an advanced degree in something like cybersecurity or data analytics.

If you don’t have a college degree, consider pursuing a bachelor’s or associate degree. There are numerous graduate programs that you can benefit from no matter what you do. Furthermore, studies indicate many housing markets with good educational opportunities also tend to retain their value.

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